Biden mistakenly asks audience whether they know anyone who served in 'Iraq or Iran'

Vice President Biden appeared a little bit confused at a campaign event Thursday in Las Vegas when he asked the audience - twice -- whether they knew somebody who had served in Iraq or Iran.

"How many of you know someone who served in Iraq or Iran? ... How many of you know someone who has been injured or lost in Iraq or Iran?" Biden asked.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid answered by raising his hand, though Biden obviously meant to say Iraq or Afghanistan.

The vice president's remarks come one week after he urgently cautioned against going to war with Iran during the vice presidential debate in Danville, Ky.

Talking about possible U.N. sanctions placed on Iran, he said, "These are the most crippling sanctions in the history of sanctions, period." However, he added that "we feel quite confident we could deal a serious blow to the Iranians."

Biden went on to say at the Las Vegas campaign event, "Well, let me tell you something ... we owe these families more than we can ever pay them."

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