Questioner says Obama clarified Libya response after debate

One of the presidential debate questioners told Fox News that President Obama came up to him afterward to clarify why he took so long to say the Libya consulate attack was a terror strike.

Kerry Ladka, one of the last questioners at Tuesday night's town hall-style debate, said, "He [Obama] said he really wanted to take the time to be deliberate, to make sure he had all the information." 

During the debate, Obama noted that he referred to "acts of terror" the day after the Libya attack. However, it took the president and his advisers more than a week to explicitly label the assault as terrorism.  

When asked about the president's answer to the Libya question in the debate, Ladka said he thought the president held back "for public consumption." 

"I don't think he wanted to give Romney the feeling he was in any way agreeing with him," said Ladka. 

Ladka said he thinks the president is an intelligent guy who wanted to be clear to him and to those watching the debate that his administration's intent was to make "absolutely sure" they had rock-solid intel on Benghazi. 

When asked if he was satisfied with the president's explanation regarding Benghazi, Ladka said, "I don't want to give him a pass." 

But Ladka said he recognizes the president is "in between a rock and a hard place.

I think when he thoroughly knows what happened he'll say more and maybe address the American people." 

The final presidential debate will take place next Monday evening from Boca Raton, Florida. The theme will be national security.