Emotional Romney tells Iowa crowd of time he met Navy SEAL killed in Libya

VAN METER, Iowa - Recounting stories of people who have touched his life, an emotional Mitt Romney told an Iowa crowd Tuesday afternoon of the time he met one of the two former Navy SEALs killed in last month's terror attack in Libya. The story started off light-hearted. Romney and his wife, Ann Romney, accidentally crashed a Christmas Party across the street from his home in La Jolla, Calif., mistakenly thinking it was a neighborhood party they were invited to. "We had dinner together and got our pictures with everyone," Romney recalled, as the crowd began laughing. "Turns out, this wasn't the neighborhood party. This was a family having a party with their friends alright." Needless to say, the Romneys were "a little embarrassed."

"But they treated us well, nonetheless, and I got to meet some really interesting people," he said. One of those people was a former Navy SEAL from Romney's home state of Massachusetts, someone Romney called "impressive" and with whom he said he shared a number of interests. "You can imagine how I felt when I found out that he was one of the two former Navy SEALs killed in Benghazi on Sept. 11," Romney said while visibly getting choked up. Although he didn't use a name, Romney was talking about Glen Doherty, a 42-year-old former Navy SEAL killed along with Ambassador Christopher Stevens and two others during an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Romney recalled Doherty's and fellow former SEAL Tyrone Woods' heroism as they left their compound's safety for the consulate in order to help those under attack. "They went there," he said. "They didn't hunker down where they were in safety -- they rushed there to go help...

"This is the American way -- we go where there's trouble," he continued. "We go where we're needed. And right now we're needed."