CNN story shows economists favor Romney -- but headline stresses they do so 'reluctantly'

Even the good news for Mitt Romney come wrapped in a bad news ribbon. 

A recent CNNMoney story reported that the Republican presidential nominee, despite trailing in a number of swing state polls, is the overwhelming choice among economists surveyed. They picked him, according to CNNMoney, by a 3-to-1 margin. However, CNNMoney made sure to stress in the headline that they did so "reluctantly." 

The article was part of a CNNMoney survey in which nine of 17 economists picked the Republican presidential nominee when asked whose election would help the economy grow more.

Only three picked President Obama, and the remaining five made no pick, “with several suggesting neither (candidate) would provide much of a lift to the sagging economy." 

The headline, though, sounded like it was a downer for the GOP nominee: "Economists reluctantly pick Romney." 

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“Would CNNMoney have reported that economists ‘reluctantly’ picked President Obama by a 3-to-1 margin?” the website NewsBusters asked in a story Tuesday pointing out the headline. 

CNN was contacted about the headline early Tuesday afternoon but has yet to respond.

The first two economists quoted in the story were less than flattering for Romney, saying “he doesn’t understand how to govern” but that his policies compared against Obama’s would be “less bad for the economy.”

The most supportive economist comment for Romney is the final quote in the story.

Allen Sinai of Decision Economics said Romney's calls for “cutting growth of government outlays, lowering tax rates and closing loopholes, less regulatory uncertainty ... smaller government and entitlement reform all must be tackled."