D.C. Board of Elections posts partisan tweet slamming Scott Brown

Why is the Washington, D.C., Board of Elections tweeting partisan comments about Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown?

Apparently, even the board can't say. Yet a partisan post showed up Thursday on the board's official Twitter account, the Washington Post reported.

"Really, Scott Brown?" the tweet said, in reference to the Massachusetts Republican senator criticizing his opponent, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, about her Native American heritage. 

The post later was deleted.

Warren's heritage has become a campaign issue, as Republicans have accused her of claiming American Indian background in applying for academic positions, apparently with little more than family lore to back up the claim. Warren has countered that it is a valid part of her family story, but she denies using it for her own benefit.

The D.C. Board of Elections said in a follow-up tweet that the post about Brown's criticisms "did not originate with Board," and a board spokesman told the Washington Post he didn't know who posted the tweet.

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