Romney takes message to critical Buckeye battleground

By: Lucas Y. Tomlinson

Seeking to show off his business savvy, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigned in Cleveland, Ohio at the American Spring Wire manufacturing plant. Romney reminded eager supporters that the parts produced in the plant were critical components in car engines.

Romney has been trailing in polls in the critical battleground state of Ohio where the Obama campaign maintains one in eight jobs are tied to the automotive industry. The Republican presidential nominee maintains that by lowering the country's corporate tax rate he can bring manufacturing jobs back home.

Mitt Romney wasted no time at the town hall meeting of assembled small business manufactures in calling China a currency manipulator. Romney said China keeps its currency artificially low thereby making its locally manufactured goods artificially priced low, putting American competitors at an unfair advantage. "One of my first acts as president is will be to call China a currency manipulator," promised Romney.

Headlining the panel of assembled business leaders was Mike Rowe, founder and host of the hit cable show "Dirty Jobs," who told listeners that he was not in Cleveland to endorse Mitt Romney, but to warn people of the dangerous path he thinks America is heading down.

"Opportunity and training are not enough-you need desire," said Rowe, his velvety television voice, contrasted by his jeans, black t-shirt and oil stained hat. Rowe unapologetically proclaimed his addiction to dirty jobs-the jobs he reminded the audience that have provided America with "paved roads, indoor plumbing," and other things that keep society moving each day.

Rowe reminded people about the conversation that he says no longer takes place at America's dinner tables, "The conversation needs to remind kids about what is possible... It is never too early to dream. "

Romney is next off to Springfield, Virginia where he hopes to show the Old Dominion why he should be the next President-elect.