Romney reveals he's a Snooki fan

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney revealed he's a "Snooki fan" and implied he sleeps with "as little as possible," today during a taped interview for "Live! with Kelly and Michael."

Mitt and Ann Romney sat down with the morning show hosts after wrapping up a fundraiser in midtown Manhattan where he brought in $4 million according to his finance Chair Spencer Zwick.

The interview, which will not air until Monday, began as you would expect addressing topics ranging from the economy, health care and gun control to questions about their five boys and Ann Romney's battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Then during the "rapid fire response" segment near the end, things rapidly got bizarre.

Romney admitted he likes Snooki's "fire-plug personality" and Ann Romney describes how she walked in on George W. Bush getting a massage during a White House visit.

She explained how when she saw the former president just after she was "blushing, blushing, blushing" as he jokingly winked and said "I look pretty good, don't I."

Romney also offered a glimpse into how he likes to sleep. When asked what he wears to bed, Romney quipped, "I think the best answer is as little as possible."

With uprisings spreading across the Middle East, the timing seemed almost as odd as the content.

It was also in stark contrast to the president's schedule today. President Obama, Secretary Hilary Clinton and Secretary Panetta were present at Joint Base Andrews when the body of Ambassador Christopher Stevens was returned to the United States.

Romney capped the day with a rally in Painesville, Ohio where he began the event holding a moment of silence in honor of the four Americans killed in Libya.

"I'd ask that you might each place your hand over your heart in recognition of the blood shed for freedom by them and by our other sons and daughters who've lost their lives in the cause of America and the cause of liberty," Romney gravely stated.

He did not criticize the President over his foreign policy, but delivered harsh criticism of Obama's economic policies.

"If you reelect President Obama, you are going to see in this nation chronic unemployment, no growth in take home pay and of course fiscal crisis at the doorstep. If you elect me you are going to get 12 million more jobs and more take home pay" Romney argued.