Unusual day for Team Obama: Biden with bikers, president bear hugged

VP cozies up to female biker; president gets a bear hug


President Obama and Vice President Biden on Sunday had one of the most unusual days on the campaign trail so far this election season -- Biden hanging out with bikers and Obama getting a bear hug.

Biden’s moment came while making a  pit stop at Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio, where he chatted with patrons, including a table of bikers.

He also posed for several pictures with the bikers, including one in which a female rider pulled up a chair and nearly sat in his lap.

“I know who’s in charge here,” he said to the women when gesturing for her to join him at a table. The group is called the “Shaddowmen.”

Upon entering the diner, Biden headed to the counter and playfully asked patrons: "Can I borrow one of your bikes? They don't let me ride anymore."

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"Probably not," the man responded.

"Probably not," Biden repeated, laughing.

The president was lifted off the ground and bear hugged during a stop at the Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant, in Fort Pierce, Fla.

Obama walked into the restaurant and said to owner Scott Van Duzer, “What’s going on man?,” then posed for a picture.

The president then told the 6-foot, 3-inch tall Van Duzer that he was the biggest pizza parlor owner he knew.

“Look at these guns,” he said gesturing at Van Duzer’s arm.

Then the unexpected happened, as Obama started to ask if eating Van Duzer’s  pizza would give him big arms, Van Duzer lifted the president off the ground.

“Man are you a power lifter or what?” asked the president. “Good to see you.”

Van Duzer, a Republican, told reporters later that he “doesn’t vote along party lines" and feels “extremely comfortable” with Obama.

Van Duzer, who holds blood-donation drives at his restaurant, also said a nearby Secret Service agent was OK with him picking up the president “as long as I don't take him away.”