Biden Hangs Out with Bikers in Ohio

Seaman, OH - Vice President Joe Biden made a pit stop at a silver-plated diner just off of the James A. Rhodes Appalachian Highway Sunday, cozying up with potential supporters in this crucial swing state.

He immediately headed to the counter, where he asked patrons of Cruisers Diner, "Can I borrow one of your bikes? They don't let me ride anymore."

"Probably not," the man responded. "Probably not," Biden repeated, laughing.

AP photographer Carolyn Kaster snapped a photo of the Biden sitting with a group of bikers called the "Shaddowmen" -- one of the members, a female biker, sat on the vice president's lap.

"I know who runs the show," Biden was said to have joked, although no editorial reporters were present to witness the account.