NBC's Brokaw taken to hospital, says he's feeling OK

NBC News reporter Tom Brokaw was taken to a hospital Thursday after appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The former TV news anchor is a special correspondent for the network covering the Democratic National Convention.

Brokaw, 72, was taken by ambulance after feeling light-headed, according to the network.

“All is well Early AM. I mistakenly took a half dose of Ambien and made less sense than usual,” Brokaw said on Twitter. “Made a better comeback than Giants ... .”

The message was retweeted by NBC Nightly News.

Brokaw anchored the network’s “Nightly News” until the close of the 2004 election.

Like many veteran political TV reporters, Brokaw has been working long hours over the past few weeks – first at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., then in Charlotte.

He appeared Wednesday night on Fox News’ “The Sean Hannity Show.”