Obama Camp Doesn’t Expect “Much of a Bump” from Convention, Not Worried About Clinton Speech

CHARLOTTE - Senior advisors to the Obama campaign tell Fox News they, "don't expect that much of a bump" from the DNC Convention taking place this week in the battleground state of North Carolina.

The energy inside the hall for Michelle Obama's speech Tuesday night was high, with delegates and supporters cheering and waving signs, but Obama campaign officials say they only expect a "three or four" point bump, even in the wake of highly anticipated speeches from former President Bill Clinton tonight and tomorrow from the man who presently occupies the Oval Office.

In what might be interpreted as trying to downplay expectations, the official said major party political conventions over the past couple cycles have yielded similar "smaller" bumps.

When asked about polling between Obama and Mitt Romney over the past few months the official answered, "It's been pretty tight but we think that's baked in now because the campaigns are longer... we always knew this was going to be a tight race."

Anticipation is building among Democrats for tonight's big speaker, former President Clinton. However, top Obama campaign officials speaking with Fox News admitted to not having yet read the speech, "but it's going to be great, we're not at all concerned."

Jake Gibson is a producer working at the Fox News Washington bureau who covers politics, law enforcement and intelligence issues.