As Charlotte ramps up for convention, lots of Democrats stay put

All the parts of the 2012 Democratic National Convention are coming into place. The stage, the security, the thousands of delegates and reporters.

But something's missing -- lots of Democratic lawmakers.

Whether it's because they're facing tough races in moderate districts and don't want to be seen partying it up with the president or because they just don't feel like coming to Charlotte, a number of elected Democrats are sitting this year's convention out.

Here's a list of Democrats not expected to show up this week:

West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin

California Gov. Jerry Brown

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin

West Virginia Rep. Rep. Nick Rahall

Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Critz

New York Rep. Bill Owens

New York Rep. Kathy Hochul

Utah Rep. Jim Matheson

Montana Sen. Jon Tester

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill

Georgia Rep. John Barrow

Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar

North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre

North Carolina Rep. Larry Kissell

Ohio Rep. Betty Sutton

Maine Rep. Mike Michaud

Kentucky Rep. Ben Chandler