Palin Vows to Protect Ryan From What Happened to her in 2008

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she's "all in" for Romney-Ryan and promises to help make sure this time the vice presidential nominee's reputation "won't be thrashed."

Palin told Fox News she believes Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., will certainly be scrutinized and vetted. But the 2008 vice presidential candidate says she "will be darned" if the same thing happens to him that happened to her in 2008, when she alleges the McCain campaign did not protect her from the "lame-stream media."

Palin says that there are a lot of people like her who will have Ryan's back. "We will call out the media for their lies and distortions as they try to thrash his reputation and his record," she said.

Palin remembers being thrust into the race, "going from Wasilla to the national/international stage with about four days' preparation." She blames the McCain campaign for the bumpy ride.

"I felt when I was thrust into that spotlight I didn't have a lot of people in the McCain campaign who had my back and would correct the media because they had a lot of friends in the media, and they wanted jobs with the media afterwards. They didn't really defend what I really stood for and what my record was all about," Palin said.

Palin makes it clear that she doesn't blame her running-mate, and doesn't think anyone else should either. "I don't want any poor reflection on Sen. John McCain, whom I dearly love and respect."

When asked on "Fox News Sunday," McCain, R-Ariz., reflected positively on 2008, defending Palin. He called Ryan a "bold choice" just like his choice.

"I'm still proud of my running mate, I'm proud of Sarah and her family, and I'm proud of the work we did," he said.

On Oct. 11, Ryan will debate the same man Palin debated four years earlier: Vice President Joe Biden. Palin predicts Paul will fare well in the debate - which she insists will focus on the economy.

"He has already done his homework and will be very well prepared because of his Congressional experience," she said.

Palin dismisses criticism that she hasn't campaigned hard for Mitt Romney, saying that her mission is "help and not to hurt." She says that has meant "stepping back, and independently working for the enthusiasm needed for people to show up at the polls in November."

In addition to showing up at the polls, she is encouraging Romney-Ryan supporters to unite in prayer.

"If there are prayer warriors out there, pray for the Ryan family, Romney's too because they will be under attack. And may they have the same prayer shield that we have had that allows us to keep going."