After 'Halftime in America' flap, Eastwood backs Romney

Clint Eastwood just made Mitt Romney's day.

Appearing at a fundraiser at the Sun Valley Resort in Idaho, the Hollywood legend and Oscar winning actor and director endorsed the presumptive GOP nominee.

When asked by reporters outside the event why he's supporting the former Massachusetts Governor, Eastwood said, "Because I think the country needs a boost somewhere."

Introducing Romney during the fundraiser, Eastwood said he first saw Romney when shooting Mystic River in Boston and Romney was running for governor. He joked that he kept thinking "he's too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president."

The staunch Republican created a bit of confusion after Chrysler's "Halftime in America" ad that aired during the Superbowl. Many saw it an endorsement of President Obama, forcing Eastwood to state on Fox News that he was "certainly not affiliated with Mr. Obama."