Poll: Obama popular in voter-rich states but lagging in key battlegrounds

President Obama enjoys the approval of a majority of residents in 13 voter-rich states but is not faring so well in key presidential battlegrounds, according to a new Gallup poll. 

The Gallup poll out Wednesday looked back at approval ratings over the past six months, showing stark differences in how voters across the 50 states view the Obama presidency. 

Though Obama clocked in with an approval rating below 50 percent in most states across the country, the 13 states where he was doing well represent about two-thirds of the electoral votes Obama would need to be reelected. Those 13 states include New York, California and Illinois, which he used to represent in the Senate. He also was polling above 50 percent in the District of Columbia. 

However, Obama would still need about 90 more electoral votes to win, and the polling showed he wasn't doing as well in the decisive battleground states. 

All 12 of the traditional battleground states showed Obama at less than 50 percent approval.
Obama was at 46 percent in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He was at 43 percent in Colorado, the site of the 2008 convention. 

Obama had the lowest approval rating, of 26 percent, in Utah. 

The poll of nearly 91,000 adults was taken between January and June of this year. It had a margin of error of 1 percentage point.