McCain: Nothing disqualifying in Romney’s tax returns

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., whose 2008 presidential campaign team reviewed years worth of tax returns from 2012 standard bearer Mitt Romney, says there is nothing disqualifying in the former Massachusetts governor's paperwork.

"And to somehow allege that there was something wrong with his tax returns with no factual evidence with no basis whatsoever is the kind of Chicago sleaze-style campaign that's being run by the Obama campaign," McCain told reporters. The Arizona senator added that he personally vouches for the fact that there was nothing in the returns that would be disqualifying -- the returns were reviewed as part of the 2008 vice presidential nominee selection process.

McCain was responding Tuesday to reports quoting him as saying Sarah Palin, his eventual 2008 running mate, was the "better candidate." McCain says his answer was taken out of context.

"(Palin) was the best fit for our campaign," McCain said, "but we've taken an answer on why I selected her and not Romney and twisted it into some interpretation that is obviously not the case."

He also rejected calls from the Obama administration and others that are demanding Romney release more tax data. McCain said the tax issue comes up with every presidential candidate and Romney shouldn't "do something that no one else has ever done."

McCain was once caught off-guard by a question about how many homes he and his wife Cindy owned. Opponents later used that answer to portray the Arizona senator as out of touch with the problems of average Americans.