Rep. Mica: President Obama ‘AWOL'

On "America's News Headquarters", Republican Rep. John Mica described the $105 billion transportation bill that President Obama recently signed into law as historic. And he said said the president can't take any of the credit for passing it.

"The signing was sort of a showcase, but he was absent through all of the negotiations. The administration did not provide leadership on this important legislation," said Mica, R-Fla.

The legislation is a two-year fix that funnels billions of dollars back to the states for road and bridge improvements. It also saves thousands of construction jobs and keeps student loan rates low.

Critics say Mica is off base when he describes the passing of the law as some type of historic feat.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., tweeted the bill is historic "if historic means trying to roll back 20 year old transportation reform."

Others are going further calling the legislation reckless.

Mica's primary opponent, Rep. Sandy Adams says, "We cannot afford the Mica-Boxer-Obama budget-busting transportation bill because our nation is heading toward the fiscal cliff. We have to rein in our spending."

Mica's response: "I think I've actually saved money and with this bill, we have substantial savings. We have people going to work this week rather than getting pink slips and we did it by paying for it responsibly instead of deficit spending. So I think my opponent happens to be off base."