Obama Campaign Makes Cookie Dig at Romney Through Press

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Zing. The Obama campaign made a not-so-subtle dig at GOP rival Mitt Romney through the food in the press corps filing center at Carnegie Mellon University Friday.

Staffers were sure to point out ahead of time that awaiting the traveling press covering President Obama's first campaign bus tour of 2012 would be cookies from Bethel Bakery, whose sweet treats Romney infamously said looked like they might have been made at 7-11.

He never actually tried the cookies, but it was enough in a 24-7 news cycle to get its own silly scandal name dubbed "Cookiegate."

While sitting with a group of voters for a picnic in Pittsburgh back in April, Romney said "I'm not sure about these cookies," adding "They don't look like you made them. No, no. They came from the 7-11 bakery, or whatever." 

Like any city, Pittsburgh takes its local food to heart, and at the time his comments were seen as a gaffe -- a dig, although likely unintentional, to a hometown establishment that has been around for nearly six decades.

But there are a couple takeaways that can be learned in politics from this 1) a hungry, tired traveling press corps always appreciate food (see above photo) 2) this might be the first "Cookiegate," but knowing the rough and tumble, weird twists and turns of presidential politics, it may not be the last.


Obama was at Carnegie Mellon University giving a speech to wrap up his two-day Rust Belt bus tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania.