Rep. Lamborn Wins Colorado Primary Challenge

Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., survived a tough primary challenge for a fourth term Tuesday from a wealthy self-financed candidate.

Banker Robert Blaha pumped nearly $750,000 of his fortune into his campaign. That meant he outspent Lamborn by more than $200,000, according to Federal Election Commission reports through June 6.

Lamborn also came under scrutiny in the last days before the primary election for tension with a local newspaper in his Colorado Springs district. He felt that The Gazette had not covered him fairly and told two Republican candidates for the state legislature to drop out of interviews with the paper.

The disagreement with The Gazette stemmed from Lamborn wanting to appear before the Gazette separately from Blaha in an online video chat. The newspaper had originally scheduled a roundtable. Then Lamborn requested to meet with the newspaper after his opponent did, after he was set to go first.

Lamborn is unlikely to face a significant general election challenger in the heavily Republican district.

Many political observers watched Lamborn's race as seven other House members have already lost their primaries this year. Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., lost his primary to upstart tea party favorite Richard Mourdock.

Cristina Marcos contributed to this report.