Aloha, Voters - Hawaii Senate Candidate Launches TV station

Seeking out a new avenue to reach potential voters, Hawaiian Republican Senate candidate Linda Lingle says her campaign will launch a television channel Tuesday on the local cable system.

Digital channel 110 is claimed to be the first ever dedicated television channel for a political candidate.

"By employing all accessible media platforms, we are putting ‘people first' by meeting voters where they are," Lingle, a former governor, said in a campaign press release. "In many cases, that means their living rooms, through their home television."

Notwithstanding the novelty of the channel, its reach is somewhat limited. Only Oceanic Time Warner customers who purchase the digital line-up of channel can watch what's called "LL2012."

According the pricing list on the provider's website the service starts at $81.12 each month and is different from the basic package offered by the company.

The campaign press release helpfully instructs people that "[n]on-digital subscribers should contact Oceanic Time Warner cable for access."

For those who tune in to watch channel 110 it should be noted that channel 109 is Fox News Channel.