The House Ethics Committee said Wednesday that Rep. Maxine Waters’ rights were not violated during a congressional ethics probe and that the investigation will now continue.

The committee is looking into whether the California Democrat, a senior member of the chamber’s Financial Services Committee, tried to steer money to a bank in which she owns stock and where her husband once served on the board of directors.

Waters has denied wrongdoing and has alleged her rights were violated by delays in the case and communications between committee staff and Republican committee members.

In February, the committee's five Republicans and top Democrat withdrew from the case as a result of the allegations.

Waters was informed in a letter Wednesday from the committee’s acting ranking chairman, Virginia GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte, and acting ranking Democrat, Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth, who said the decision to go forward was unanimous and that Waters had been treated fairly.  

The four-page letter also stated the committee hired outside council to review the matter and that some information regarding the investigation might have been disclosed, but that did not violate Waters’ due-process rights.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.