In Iowa, Obama Calls Romney's Words 'A Cow Pie of Distortion'

Des Moines, IA - Let the campaign attacks begin! Speaking at a grass roots rally on the Iowa State Fairgrounds, President Obama compared Gov. Romney's recent speech in the Hawkeye state to cow excrement.

"I know Gov. Romney came to Des Moines last week and warned about 'a prairie fire of debt'," Obama said Thursday evening. "But he left out some facts. His speech was more like a cow pie of distortion."

The president accused his opponent of leaving out details of both their records, including Obama's record low federal spending and how Romney intends to pay for his proposed tax cuts.

But the president didn't stop there.

The Iowa State Fairgrounds was also the site of Romney's now famous claim that corporations are people too. The governor got caught in a heated exchange with a heckler over taxes last summer and Obama isn't letting anyone forget it. The president called him out for having an out of touch view of things.

Obama also attacked the former gov. for having the wrong experience for the White House. Speaking of his opponent's record at Bain Capital, Obama said Romney's main goal was to create wealth for himself and investors and "that's not the job of a president."

Iowa is considered a swing state in this fall's election and the president plans to return often over the next few months. Speaking to an overflow group at the fair, Obama told supporters, "This journey started in Iowa. And that's why we're going to be spending a lot of time in Iowa this time around."