'Glee' Star Narrates Video Praising Obama’s LGBT Record

As President Obama makes yet another fundraising trip to California, his campaign has released a web video narrated by “Glee” actress Jane Lynch which highlights his work on behalf of the LGBT community.

Although the Hollywood actor never appears on screen, her voice credits the president with making “more significant advances for LGBT Americans than any other president who came before him.”  Included in the 5-minute video is footage from Obama’s September fundraiser attended by Lady Gaga.

“One of my proudest moments was when we were able to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell,” the president says in a never-before-seen interview. “It was not an easy process, there were some who doubted whether we would ever get it done.”

The video ends with President Obama pledging to continue to advance the rights of LGBT Americans.

“Not only to preserve the gains that we've made over the last three years, but to make sure that any discrimination is eliminated, you're going to need a strong advocate in the White House,” the president says. “I am that strong advocate. We're going to continue to ‘lean forward' in making sure that whether it's the capacity to adopt, hospital visitation, ending travel bans, making sure that benefits to spouses or partners are recognized at the federal level, we're just going to keep on making sure that the rights of same sex couples are expanded. And it's not just a matter of head, it's a matter of heart, it's who I am, it's what I care about.”

Click here for the video.