April Fundraising By The Numbers

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney saw their fundraising numbers drop in recently. President Obama's re-election campaign raised $25.7 million in April, almost $10 million less than he raised in March.

Mitt Romney's team raised $11.7 million in April, down from more than $13 million in March.

However, President Obama has a staggering lead when it comes to cash on hand; Mr. Romney has $9.2 million while President Obama has $115 million.

Both of the Super PACs supporting the campaigns also had a lackluster April. Restore Our Future, which supports Mr. Romney raised $4.6 million for the month which is down from $8.7 million in March.

Meanwhile, the pro-Obama political action committee Priorities USA raised only $1.6 million in April.

Federal Election Commission records show that Newt Gingrich ended his presidential campaign with a little more than $800,000 in cash on hand and nearly $4.8 million in debt.

Jake Gibson is a producer working at the Fox News Washington bureau who covers politics, law enforcement and intelligence issues.