Christie, Newark Mayor Booker star in video parody

Gov. Christie and Mayor Booker team up in spoof of popular television series


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the mayor of New Jersey's largest city are channeling the Seinfeld-Newman rivalry in a video parody that spoofs the mayor's heroics and Christie's vice presidential potential. 

The Republican governor finds himself thwarted at do-gooding by Newark Mayor Cory Booker. The Democrat rescued a neighbor from a fire last month. 

Booker tells Christie "I got this" as he fixes the governor's flat tire, helps Bruce Springsteen replace a missing guitar and Tebows after catching a baby dropped from a state Capitol balcony before Christie's eyes. 

Each time, Christie grits his teeth and says "Booker!" 

Booker is then shown on a phone telling Mitt Romney he wouldn't make a good running mate. Christie grabs the receiver, saying: "Excuse me mayor, I got this." 

The video played at Tuesday's New Jersey Press Association's Legislative Correspondents Club show. 

[youtube wHN0ZeS5c-4]