Campaign Official Says DNC Staying in Charlotte

A senior Obama-Biden campaign official tells Fox News no serious consideration is being given to relocating the Democratic National Convention out of North Carolina. "It's not logistically possible," the source said, adding that it's also not under serious consideration.

The reasons why are obvious: The siting of the convention there was meant to help the Obama-Biden campaign retain North Carolina (and Virginia) in the president's column. Critical to doing that is organization in those states, and the convention itself, as a gathering, is a critical organizing tool.

This was amply demonstrated, and perhaps for the first time, at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado four years ago, where all entrants to INVESCO Field had to register with the campaign. Campaign officials have estimated that of the roughly 80,000 attendees, some 25,000 or so were party officers or members of the media, leaving the remainder - roughly 50 to 60,000 people - as individuals who engaged with the campaign that day.

Thus Obama-Biden 2012 has no intention of pulling the DNC out of North Carolina this year.


James Rosen joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in 1999 and is the network’s chief Washington correspondent.