Gingrich to Prolong Spotlight in Campaign Suspension Event

Newt Gingrich will officially suspend his campaign for president Wednesday at 3pm, but he will not yet formally endorse Mitt Romney.

Campaign spokesman RC Hammond says the speech will focus on, " the important role citizens can play in stopping a second Obama term and helping Mitt Romney and the Republican party build a governing coalition in Washington and state capitals across the country."

Newt will mention Romney, but will not formally endorse him for a couple weeks.

Romney was one of the first people to know that Gingrich was suspending his campaign. Hammond says Romney called Gingrich shortly after the rumors started and the two talked. Romney promised to support whatever decision Gingrich made and to include him in the campaign If he decided to end his run. The two campaigns have had ongoing conversations since that phone call.

Hammond insists there was no lag between the time that Gingrich decided to suspend his campaign and pledging to support Romney. No events have been planned, but a swing through the South is pretty likely.

Newt's wife Callista and other members of the family will be at tomorrow's event will take place at the Hilton Arlington.