Ryan: 2013 Spending Likely $19B Above His Budget



House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, (R-WI), tells FOX Business that Congress this summer will probably pass a continuing resolution at $19 billion more than he calls for in the House-passed budget.

The budget deal lawmakers agreed to this summer, known as the Budget Control Act, set a cap of $1.047 trillion in discretionary spending for the 2013 fiscal year. Republicans, in their budget, proposed spending $19 billion less. Democrats and the White House say spending less than $1.047 trillion violates their agreement. Republicans stressed they had only agreed to a cap, not a specific spending amount.

This afternoon, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-KY), voted with the majority of members on the Senate Appropriations Committee to approve discretionary spending levels at $1.047 trillion.

Ryan said there is “no rift” between House and Senate Republicans on the issue and added the Congress will probably pass a continuing resolution at $1.047 trillion to avoid a government shutdown. 

Republicans aides say there are months of spending negotiations ahead where they will push to spend less.

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Rich Edson is a Washington correspondent for Fox News Channel. Prior to that, he served as Fox Business Network's Washington correspondent.