House committee chairman seemingly unaware of Afghan photo controversy

Obama administration officials reacted with lightning-fast speed this morning to condemn images published in the Los Angeles Times that appeared to show American forces posing with the corpses of Afghan insurgents. 

But the head of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., seemed to know nothing of the controversy when asked about the images Wednesday afternoon.

At first, McKeon believed a reporter was asking about the notorious Abu Ghraib pictures from 2004 and asked why he was being queried about that now.Reporters then told him about the new photos and a surprised McKeon declined to comment until he learned more.

In addition, McKeon did not agree with some suggestions that President Obama fire Mark Sullivan, the head of the Secret Service, over the separate military/Secret Service scandal in Colombia.

"I think it's a reach, though, to go after the head of an organization because of a few bad apples," he said.