Romney takes over as GOP Standard Bearer

Fox News has learned that Mitt Romney will address the Republican National Committee meeting of State Party Chairmen this Friday in Phoenix, stake his claim to the GOP presidential nomination and call upon party leaders to unite.

The meeting will be attended by more than 40 of the RNC’s 50 state GOP chairmen, along with 200 additional GOP officials, activists and political professionals as they gear up for the fall campaign to oust President Obama.

Though Romney has had a major fundraiser planned for Friday in Phoenix for some time, his appearance at the RNC meeting was only finalized on Monday.

Romney is expected to assume the role of titular head of the GOP as the all-but-certain presidential nominee.

Romney will give his marching orders to the state GOP chairmen and spur them to the shared cause of retaking the White House.

State Party Chairmen are crucial links to each states’ grass roots -- Romney’s success or failure depends greatly on their help.

Also in Phoenix, the RNC plans to propose reforms to this years’ primary process by defining “proportional allocation" of delegates for 2016.

It’s a big deal -- there was no such definition for 2012, and states allocated delegates in varied and confusing ways.

A leading reform proposal would limit states that choose to award delegates proportionately to doing so in the future statewide and not by congressional district.