Palin: Rosen's comments have awakened a lot of mamma grizzlies

Governor Sarah Palin weighed in on the democratic strategist's controversial remark about stay-at-home mom, Ann Romney, Thursday night.

"The comments Hillary made today have awakened a lot of mamma grizzlies across the nation." Palin says she has received a lot of emails from women across the country outraged at Hillary Rosen's comment that Ann Romney "never worked a day in her life."

Rosen has since apologized to Ann Romney but it has not quelled the political firestorm that has ensued as both parties accuse the other of waging a war on women.

Governor Palin considers Ann Romney's decision to be a stay-at-home mom an "honorable" one and that it is the "toughest" and "most important job there is" to raise good kids.

Palin explained that she felt she was often criticized for the opposite when she was on the ticket in 2008. She shared with Fox News Host Sean Hannity a text from her sister, "didn't they slam you for not staying home with your five kids? My sister said it's obviously not a mom thing they are slamming, It's a conservative thing."

While President Obama and his campaign have since distanced themselves from Hillary Rosen and her comments, Palin believes the incident will serve to unify women around the Republican Party." All women should be standing up for each other when you consider what's going on in this country. All women and all races and all ages. We are all suffering under Obama's economy, and we need to make changes."

According to the latest Fox News poll women are more likely to back Obama (by 49-41 percent), while men are even more likely to give their support to Romney (by 52-38 percent).