There's a primary, there's the president: Obama appearances on election days

President Obama's got a knack for holding high-profile events on the same day as big Republican primaries. 

The following is a snapshot of the days when the president of the United States made the GOP presidential candidates compete with him for coverage. 

Feb. 28: 

On the GOP Primary Calendar: Michigan and Arizona 

On Obama's Schedule: A rousing speech to the United Auto Workers conference in Washington. Without naming Mitt Romney, Obama referenced the Republican candidate's 2008 Op-Ed headlined, "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" in The New York Times. 

"Some politicians even said we should 'let Detroit go bankrupt!'" Obama said to boos from the crowd. 

March 6: 

On the GOP Primary Calendar: Super Tuesday -- 10 state contests 

On Obama's Schedule: First major press conference in months. 

March 13: 

On the GOP Primary Calendar: Alabama, Mississippi and Hawaii. 

On Obama's Schedule: A day trip with British Prime Minister David Cameron to Dayton, Ohio, for an NCAA basketball game. Incidentally, a Mississippi team was playing that day on their visit to the vital swing state. 

April 3: 

On the GOP Primary Calendar: Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia. 

On Obama's Schedule: A speech to newspaper executives where the president intended to assail Republicans' budget plan as a "Trojan horse."