Another Day of Etch a Sketching on the Campaign Trail

HOUMA, Lousiana -- Brandishing an Etch a Sketch, Newt Gingrich told diners at Big Al's Seafood that the story which has been dogging the Romney campaign since Wednesday morning makes sense because of Romney's reputation for evolving positions.

"Given everything people have said about Governor Romney's flip-flops this just reminded people of what everybody has been afraid of," said Mr. Gingrich.

Polling in Lousiana shows Mr. Gingrich running neck and neck with Romney for second place here. "If you're serious about changing Washington, you can't do it with an Etch a Sketch," the former House Speaker told a receptive crowd.

Meanwhile Rick Santorum was in San Antonio, Texas, blasting Romney for the second day in a row over his aide's suggestion that Romney can reset his whole campaign like an etch a sketch for the head to head battle against President Obama.

"All the things that allow Romney to win the primary, are unavailable to him to win the general, and that's why you see these etch a sketch comments because he knows what he's doing now can't win, so he has to reset everything and figure out another way to win this election," said Santorum.

While Mr. Romney spent the day in Washington strengthening alliaces with conservatives like Paul Ryan and Jim DeMint, and building his warchest, his campaign team is trying to move on from the Etch a Sketch flap. "You know you have reached the end of a long, hard-fought campaign when your opponents are waving around children’s toys at campaign events," said Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul.

Jake Gibson is a producer working at the Fox News Washington bureau who covers politics, law enforcement and intelligence issues.