Romney Slams Obama Over Gas Prices

Mitt Romney did not mention the southern state primaries or his Republican rivals today in St. Louis, Missouri. Instead the GOP 2012 frontrunner attacked President Obama over the spike in gas prices, accusing him of looking for excuses.

"I think it was yesterday, he said the reason we have high gasoline prices is - and then he was seeking around. What could it be? What could it be?" Romney said. "Now I have some suggestions for him," Romney told a crowd of about 350 gathered in Kirkland Park.

Romney's suggestions included drilling in the Gulf, ANWR and approving the Keystone Pipeline. The candidate said these are all things that "affect gasoline prices, long-term."

The former Massachusetts governor also accused Obama of blaming the GOP field's tough talk on Iran for the prices, calling it "disappointing."

"It's disappointing to have the president of the United States take a serious foreign policy issue which is Iran, the state sponsor of terror in the world, becoming nuclear and trying to turn that into saying we're somehow responsible for high gasoline prices in this country."

On Monday President Obama told a local television affiliate in Orlando, Florida that the "biggest driver of these high gas prices is speculation about the possible war in the Middle East." He added that the White House has been trying to "reduce some of the loose talk on war."

Romney will be attending another event tonight in Missouri, where caucuses will be held Saturday.