As part of a broad effort to rebound after the Florida primary, Newt Gingrich's campaign has appointed a new chief of staff-- Patrick Millsaps.

Millsaps is a prominent lawyer from Newt's home state of Georgia. He joined the campaign the week before the Iowa caucuses and until this move was serving as the deputy general counsel.

Millsaps made the transition during the last day or so of the Florida campaign. He is a partner at Hall Booth Smith & Plover.

His new title isn't a shake-up. It's part of the campaign's efforts to beef back up staffing and campaign structure post-Iowa. Newt 2012 is still very much run by the candidate, but Gingrich has broadened his cadre of advisers. In addition to making sure the trains run on time, Millsaps will help with messaging as the race expands to multiple states. His promotion comes as the campaign prepares to challenge Florida's "winner-take-all" delegate allocation - so far, the state's 50 delegates were awarded to Mitt Romney.

As part of the new anti-Romney messaging, the campaign is putting out a web video that features billionaire financier George Soros. It's being called an "opening statement in the campaign's trial to prove that Mitt Romney is part of the very same establishment that gave the country Barack Obama."

In the video, the progressive business magnate explains why he feels Romney and Obama are cut from a similar cloth. "If it's between Obama and Romney, there isn't all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them," said Soros.

*Lexi Stemple contributed to this blog