Timothy Geithner said he’s “pretty confident” he won’t be asked to continue serving as treasury secretary if President Obama wins re-election.

Geithner, in an interview with Bloomberg Television, said he plans on doing “something else.”

“He’s not going to ask me to stay on, I’m pretty confident,” Geithner said. “I’m confident he’ll be president. But I’m also confident he’s going to have the privilege of having another secretary of the Treasury.”

Bloomberg’s website posted an article on Geithner’s comments one minute after the East Coast markets closed.

Geithner said he’s worked through “one of the most important times in modern history in the world of economic policy and finance.” He claimed “things are getting better,” despite the “terribly traumatic financial crisis.”

Speculation had swirled last year that Geithner was getting ready to leave the Obama administration. But the administration announced in August that Geithner had agreed to stay through 2012.