Google: South Carolinians searching for info on Gingrich's wives

As South Carolinians head to the polls, a look at what they are searching for online shows Newt Gingrich's extramarital affairs have voters in the Palmetto State scouring the Internet for answers.

According to Google, the top four searches associated with Gingrich over the past week have related to his wives in some fashion. The most popular search word in South Carolina was his current wife's name: "Callista." Her name was followed by his second wife "Marianne" -- she is the woman who gave the controversial interview to ABC News earlier this week. The third and fourth most popular searches this week were for the words "Newt scandal" and "Newt wives."

As for Mitt Romney, the top four searches involving him are more substantive. Most South Carolinians searched for Mitt Romney's "bio." That term was followed by "Mitt South Carolina," 2012," and "Mitt platform."

Now the big question is, how will what people found in these searches factor into their vote today?