Perry Forgets Third Agency Again; Or Adds Fourth

Add another department to the list of federal agencies GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry wants boarded up.

When asked which three agencies he would shut down during a radio Interview with Bill Edwards on WTKS Savannah, Perry quickly responded.

"Three right off the bat, you know, commerce, interior and energy..."

Those aren't the same three agencies Perry has talked about closing in the past. This resurrects Perry's historic "oops" moment on November 9th, where at a debate he failed to remember which agencies he had proposed cutting before finally naming Commerce, Education, and Energy.

When asked for a comment, campaign spokesman Mark Miner said, "The fact that he mentioned another federal agency that needs to be cut shouldn't be surprising. When he talks about reforming Washington he's serious about limiting the size and scope of government and every agency needs to be looked at."

This apparent gaffe comes at the worst possible time for Perry, who is struggling to stay in the race and needs a strong finish in South Carolina to keep his campaign viable.

A Real Clear Politics average of the polls out of South Carolina show Perry trailing the entire GOP field with the exception of Jon Huntsman.