Whose Pain Is It?

The most revealing moment in the last GOP debate before the New Hampshire primary had nothing to do with the candidates. It had to do with a question asked by moderator David Gregory. 

The question revealed everything you need to know about the way the establishment media and governing authorities view the mess this country is in. Here’s the question, put forth by NBC’s Gregory:

“I wonder what specifically you would do to say to Americans, ‘These are cuts I`m going to make in federal spending that will cause pain, that will require sacrifice?’”

As if Americans hadn’t been suffering enough at the expense of big government, the mainstream media think the only way to solve things is to squeeze even more out of hard-working Americans. 

The point is that Americans have been suffering and sacrificing for the sake of useless, trillion- dollar spending boondoggles that have done nothing but drain our strength and crowd out private industry. Maybe Gregory and others who live the rich life inside the Beltway haven’t noticed, but the rest of the country has done enough suffering. 

Most businesses have nothing left to give…nothing left to squeeze out. They’re too busy paying more in taxes and regulatory costs. What they need is relief, not even more sacrifices.

Luckily Newt Gingrich nailed David Gregory for his question:

“David, you know, I -- I find it fascinating that very, very highly paid Washington commentators and Washington analysts love the idea of pain. What -- who`s going to be in pain?
The duty of the president is to find a way to manage the federal government so the primary pain is on changing the bureaucracy. On -- on theft alone, we could save $100 billion a year in Medicaid and Medicare if the federal government were competent. That`s a trillion dollars over 10 years. And the only people in pain would be crooks.”

To which we say, Amen.

David Asman joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in 1997 and currently serves as host of "Forbes on FOX," a weekend half-hour program that offers an informative look at the business week (Saturday from 11:00-11:30 AM/ET). Asman is also an anchor on FOX Business Network, where he co-hosts "After the Bell" (4-5 PM/ET) with anchor Melissa Francis.