New Hampshire's Last Congressional Holdout Won’t Endorse in GOP 2012 Primary

The only Republican member of the New Hampshire federal delegation who has not endorsed a presidential candidate yet said Sunday he won’t endorse anyone in the GOP primary.

New Hampshire Rep. Frank Guinta issued a statement saying, "Every political official chooses his or her level of involvement and participation in the primary process. Rather than work on behalf of one candidate or campaign, I have chosen to be an ambassador on behalf of the New Hampshire primary tradition itself.

"Starting a year ago, I was actively involved in helping maintain its first-in-the-nation status and have urged all candidates to spend as much time as possible getting to know Granite State voters."

Guinta says he has talked to all of the candidates personally over the past six months, and pledges to support the eventual nominee.

"Whoever emerges as the Republican presidential nominee, I will be at their side this fall doing everything I can to help the GOP reclaim the White House in November," Guinta said.

Guinta was elected with broad Tea Party support. He served as the mayor of Manchester, and was hoping to play the part of New Hampshire kingmaker this election season.

Back in November, the two other Granite State Republicans, Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Rep. Charlie Bass, endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. They did so within a day of each other  and each has campaigned for Romney since then.

Romney also has endorsements from retired New Hampshire elected officials like former state Republican Party Chairman John H. Sununu and former Republican Sen. Judd Gregg.