Romney Slams Biden Taliban Comments: " Where in the world is this Vice President coming from?"

Appearing on FOX News Wedneday, GOP presidential aspirant Mitt Romney hammered Vice President Joe Biden for his recent comments in an Newsweek interview where he stated that the " Taliban is not the enemy, per se."

" It's one of the most strange comments ever to be uttered by the lips of a Vice President, " Romney said from a stop on his New Hampshire bus tour. " This Vice President in particular has said some strange things. This is really extraordinary....We are fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. They are killing American soldiers. To suggest they are not our enemy is absolutely extraordinary, and that kind of communication confuses our friends in Afghanistan and our friends around the world. Where in the world is this Vice President coming from?"

During a follow up question, host Gretchen Carlson asked the former Massachusetts governor if Biden's statement was due to a verbal gaffe or actual White House strategy.

"It's what he thinks. I think the Obama administration continues to try and narrow the group of people they consider our enemies to be an almost nonexistent group, " Romney repied."  They don't want to suggest that Jihadists, of all kinds , have as their intent, attacking America, attacking our values."