Gingrich Tells Gay Marriage Supporter Not to Vote For Him

If gay marriage is a voter's primary issue in the 2012 election, then Newt Gingrich says it's perfectly okay not to vote for him in a would-be battle against President Obama.

Speaking in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Tuesday afternoon, Gingrich was confronted by a man who asked the former House speaker how he planned to engage with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender who agree with him on other issues, but not on Gingrich's opposition to same-sex marriage.

In a cordial exchange, Gingrich said on that issue, there's little room for engagement. The two then agreed to disagree.

Here's how the conversation went down:Gingrich: "I think those for whom the only issue that really matters is the definition of marriage, I won't get their support. I accept that as reality. On the other hand, for those to whom it's not the central issue in their life, if they care about job creation, if they care about national security, if they care about a better future for the country at large, then I think I'll get their support."

Q: So what if it is the biggest issue?

Gingrich: Then I won't get their support.

Q: How do we engage if you're elected. Then what, what does that mean?

Gingrich: Well then you engage in every topic except that.

Q: Except it's most important (some crosstalk).

Gingrich: Well, if that's most important to you then you should be for Obama. 

Q: I am, thank you (The two men shake hands).

Gingrich: It's perfectly legitimate. I think it's perfectly legitimate.