Romney Expecting Obama to Hit him with Bain Photo, "Gekko" Attacks

If he gets to the general election, Mitt Romney expects to see more of a photo Democrats are passing around of the former venture capitalist and his partners being showered in dollar bills.

Taken in the 1980s to promote the first fund launched by Bain Capital, Romney and his partners are smiling as money literally falls out of their jackets.

Democrats are already likening the image to "Gordon Gekko," the villainous corporate raider famously played by Michael Douglass, in "Wall Street," the iconic 1987 film about turbo-fueled '80s hedonism and a reckless financial industry without a moral compass.

But in an interview on "FOX News Sunday" with Chris Wallace, Romney made no apologies.

"That was at the closing of our very first fund. We went out as a group of folks, said, you know, I wonder if we can raise money from other people to organize a company, we can get capital from others that will allow us to begin a business that will be successful.

"And we went out and raised money. We were successful in raising our first fund; it was about $37 million, an extraordinarily large amount of money that we raised from other people. And we posed for a picture, just celebrating the fact that we'd raised a lot of money and then we hoped to be able to return it with a good return," he said.

Romney noted that the fund invested in a number of businesses and "turned out to create a lot of jobs and yielded a very positive return to the people who'd entrusted us with their funds."

He said he expects the president to go after him for being an entrepreneur, but "it'll be fun."

"I'll go after him," he said.