Perry calls Gingrich the "Grand Daddy of Earmarks"

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is going after two Republican rivals over earmarks-- something he says is part of the spending crisis now plaguing the country.

Perry called Newt Gingrich a founding father of earmarks, saying at a speech in Spencer Iowa, "Newt was the originator of earmarks back in the '90s. I mean, if there were a grand daddy of ear marks he would be it."

Perry went on to say, "Newt doubled them in the four years when he was in Congress," claiming Gingrich solicited earmarks for members of the legislature who were facing tough re-elections.

Perry's criticism wasn't just reserved for the former speaker. He also went after Congressman Ron Paul. "He's still birthing earmarks as we speak." Perry accused Paul of being only one of four republicans who didn't follow a recent promise to end earmarks.

Both Gingrich and Paul are beating Perry in the polls among Iowans. With the caucuses less than three weeks away Perry is on the front end of his 42 city Iowa bus tour.

But Perry also delivered some "fuzzy math" to potential Hawkeye State supporters, promising to "cut 5 trillion dollars out of Obama's budget." That's more cuts than what's in President Obama's $3.7 trillion budget.A Perry spokesperson defended the figure, saying in a statement, "He was referring to the 5 trillion cumulative difference over 7 fiscal years between Gov. Perry's budget and Obama's budget." The campaign points to the fact that if elected, Perry would not submit his first budget until Fiscal Year Y2014.