SC Gov. Nikki Haley Endorses Mitt Romney on FOX and Friends

SIOUX CITY, IOWA-- South Carolina Gov.Nikki Haley, a rising Republican star, endorsed Mitt Romney for President on FOX News Friday.

"Today is the day that I'm throwing all of my support behind Mitt Romney for president,"Haley said on FOX & Friends.  "What I want was someone who is not part of the chaos that is Washington. What I wanted was someone who knew what it was like to turn broken companies around."

Haley also argued that Romney was the only candidate that could defeat President Barack Obama next fall.

"Governor Romney is the one candidate that President Obama insistently tries to hit and get out of the way," Haley said from South Carolina. "That lets me know he's scared of him."

Romney campaigned for Haley in her historic bid to be the first Indian-American woman Governor of the Palmetto state. In 2010, Romney's PAC also also donated to her upstart gubernatorial bid.

Earlier this month, Haley told members of the press at the annual Republican Governors Association meeting in Orlando, FL that she " absolutely" would endorse a presidential before the January 3rd Iowa Caucuses, surprising a few in the room by her emphatic statement, and timing of the release of her endorsement.

Haley will campaign with Romney at several South Carolina campaign stops, according to the Romney campaign.

Several presidential campaigns had lobbied for her potential support, according to multiple GOP sources. Haley is considered by many within the Republican party as a potential V.P. short-lister.