Rand Paul: Newt Gingrich "Unworthy" of Tea Party Support

Tea Party Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky (R) says Newt Gingrich is unworthy of Tea Party support.

In a scathing Op-Ed in the Des Moines Register, Paul said electing "big government status quo Republicans like New Gingrich" would be a "giant leap backward."

Paul obviously has a personal interest in the race. His father is Gingrich rival, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX).

But in an interview with Bill Hemmer on America's Newsroom, Paul said his real interest is protecting the core values of the Tea Party which he says, Gingrich doesn't come close to representing.

"What I'm afraid of is the Tea Party movement and the conservative wing of the Republican Party could be destroyed by nominating somebody like Newt Gingrich, who in the end, really isn't a conservative," said Paul.

According to Paul, Gingrich has been inconsistent on conservative issues like cap and trade, individual healthcare mandates and funding of Planned Parenthood.

He also took aim at Gingrich's consulting work with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, "He was right there with them. Being paid for by the government banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the tune of millions of dollars. And then, supporting the bank bailouts. Which goes against everything the Tea Party stands for."