Perry Pokes Fun at Himself Ahead of Tonight Show Appearance

"I'm Rick Perry and ... what's that line again?"

Apparently, Texas Gov. Rick Perry hasn't tired of making fun of himself. In an attempt to get another laugh out of the now-notorious "oops" debate moment, the campaign is airing a TV ad in Iowa where Perry makes light of the mistake. The ad, which includes the above tagline, will only air Thursday night, during his Leno appearance

Perry better bring his tough Texas skin with him to "The Tonight Show." The governor has been the butt of many Jay Leno monologues.

Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan says, "While the rest of GOP field is busy handling scandals, inconsistencies and contradictions on important issues, Gov. Perry's appearance on Leno and his special Leno ad show he is confident enough to use the attention from last month's Michigan debate to highlight his status as the true outsider conservative in the Republican field."

This trip to Leno's show follows an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" where he read Letterman's Top Ten list.