Walker Projects Confidence in Face of Recall Effort

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday that he welcomes the recall effort being brought by union and Democratic opponents in his state and sees it as an "opportunity."

In an interview with Fox News, Walker said he kept his campaign pledge to balance the budget without raising taxes and do it in a way that is "structurally sound." He added that the budget also protects seniors and  needy families while adding more money to the . classroom.

"Those are the things we promised those are the things we done. I think in the end it gives us a great opportunity to form that message." Walker said.

Despite his open mind, Walker acknowledged that the recall is distracting him from presidential primary politics. He said he won't at this time endorse any of the Republican contenders hoping to take on President Obama.

"I'm not getting involved until after recall is done. I have an obligation to the people of Wisconsin to stay focused on our state and our campaign, and so whenever that is done short of getting enough signatures or ultimately next spring I'll wait until after that just to stay focus on that," he said.

Walker said only 25 percent of the people who cast votes in the last election are needed to initiate a recall. So far, recall supporters say they've gotten more than 300,000 signatures of a half million needed to schedule an election. Walker's supporters say they are confident he will survive a recall, becoming a governor who will twice be elected in a single election period.