New Perry Ad Uses the S-Word: Calls Obama Policies Socialist

Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tx)/AP

Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tx)/AP

In his first negative TV ad of his presidential campaign, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is using the "s" word against President Obama-socialism.

"Obama's socialist policies are bankrupting America. We must stop him now," says Perry in his fourth ad of his presidential campaign. The spot, airing in Iowa and on FOX News, is the first Perry commercial to do more that introduce Perry, or his flat tax economic plan.

Perry also goes after Obama for the president's remarks suggesting Americans have become "lazy" asking, "Can you believe that? That's what our president thinks is wrong with America? That Americans are lazy? That's pathetic. It's time to clean house in Washington."

Perry is referring to a comment Obama made at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Hawaii this weekend when talking about America's slipping status in global economic competition. "We've been a bit lazy over the last couple of decades. We've kind of taken for granted-well, people would want to come here - and we aren't that hungry, selling America and attracting new business," Obama said.

The socialist line is not new for Perry, but its use in a TV ad is part of a new, more aggressive approach by the campaign. Perry, who has suffered in polls for his debate performances, has called for a dramatic overhaul of Washington, including pay cuts for Congress, prison terms for lawmakers caught profiting from insider information and the end of lifetime appointments for federal judges.

"As President Obama continues to make excuses for our nation's economic struggles, apologizing for America and disparaging Americans by calling us lazy, soft and un-ambitious, Gov. Perry is offering solutions to reverse the damage inflicted by this out-of-touch administration," said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan.

Perry isn't the only GOP hopeful to attack Obama for the lazy comment, former Massachusetts Gov. also did while stumping in South Carolina on Tuesday. "Sometimes I just don't think that President Obama understands America ... Now I say that because this week, or was it last week, he said that Americans are lazy. I don't think that describes America," Romney said.

Obama's campaign fired back in a statement from Ben LaBolt saying, "Rick Perry and Mitt Romney apparently don't think the President should encourage CEOs to promote the United States abroad in order to create American jobs and attract investment at home. They have opposed the President's efforts to create 2 million jobs now and instead of laying out their own plan to do so, they have endorsed a radical budget plan that would wipe out investments necessary to create jobs in programs like education, research and development and clean energy and shift a greater tax burden away from millionaires and billionaires onto the backs of the middle class and seniors."