How Do You Say 'Delicious' In Cuban?

Herman Cain in Miami on Nov 16 - FOX News

Herman Cain in Miami on Nov 16 - FOX News

MIAMI --Appearing at the iconic Miami restaurant and perpetual campaign stop, Versailles Cafe on "Calle Ocho," presidential hopeful Herman Cain spoke to about 200 supporters, mostly Latino, Wednesday on a range of topics, including an important foreign policy issue among the crowd: Cuba.


"Freedom for Cuba now!" Cain said to cheers after someone yelled at him several minutes into his remarks, "What about freedom for Cuba?"

"We should not only continue the pressure on Castro, but put more pressure on Castro," Cain said to cheers. "And I also believe that the best way to get the solution is to talk to people that know most about the issue."

The recently embattled Republican presidential candidate, however, may want to catch up on his linguistics before that discussion.

"How do you say 'delicious' in Cuban?" Cain asked while chewing on a croqueta -- a fried Cuban delicacy of potatoes and meat -- and enjoying a cup of famously strong Cuban coffee.

Cubans, of course, speak Spanish. "Delicioso," obliged an audience member.

That didn't stop the good will, particularly when Cain tried out his evidently limited Spanish skills.

Calling his ubiquitous 9-9-9 economic plan, "nueve-nueve-neuve," the crowd responded in laughter and cheers.

As Cain glad-handed around the restaurant, Fox News attempted to ask the businessman about President Obama's foreign policy stance on Cuba.

"I'm not doing interviews," he said curtly before criticizing "gotcha journalism."

Earlier, Cain did criticize recent remarks from the president.

"The president made a statement that Americans have gotten lazy," Cain said incredulously as the crowd responded in boos.

"We got some of the hardest-working people on the planet in this country. What do you mean lazy?" Cain asked.

Cain was appearing at two more campaign stops during a swing through South Florida, including a rally in West Palm Beach.

Fox News' Mike Amor contributed to this report.